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Nexcem ICFs create a heavy wall system that uses thermal mass to heat and cool the house naturally. This greatly reduces the need for large and costly heating and cooling systems and results in significant energy cost savings.



Tim Singbeil has over 30 years of building and project management experience, and has been building exclusively with Nexcem's insulated concrete form (ICF) for the past 15 years. 


Early on in his building career Tim became weary of the short life span, energy waste, and susceptibility for mould inherent in the light wall systems commonly used in North American construction projects. He began looking for alternative approaches, determined to find a better way to build. That's when he found Nexcem, and never looked back. 


Since then, Tim has managed over 50 Nexcem projects - both residential and commercial - making him the most experienced Nexcem builder in North America.

Pre-build SUPPORT

Are you interested in using Nexcem for your next build but aren't quite sure how to get started? Tim will guide you and your team through the pre-build process and make sure that your transition to working with Nexcem's ICF wall system is a smooth one.


Tim can help you understand how Nexcem interfaces with other building features, introduce unique design and project management considerations for working with this new technology, and take care of pricing out and placing your Nexcem ICF order. 


Having Tim guide your build from the very beginning will ensure that everything gets off to the right start, without wasting unnecessary time and money figuring out this unfamiliar building technology on your own.

On-Site support

With over 50 Nexcem projects under his belt, Tim has developed efficient and innovative building 

strategies that ensure projects are completed on time and on budget without sacrificing Nexcem's full performance features.


He can provide you and your building team with invaluable on-site guidance, training, and support for the beginning or duration of your build. Having Tim on site is invaluable for those new to Nexcem's unique building method, as his support and guidance ensure projects avoid costly mistakes and delays that can occur from inexperience.

Home owners, builders, architects, and trades people alike have found his experience, knowledge, and ingenuity to be a must for their Nexcem builds.

Are you interested in working with Tim on your next build? Do you want to learn more about Nexcem and how it fits with your project goals? Don't hesitate to get in touch. No matter what stage you're at with your build, we're here to help.





Nexcem Estimate

Do you have your drawings ready? Contact us today for information on how to receive a free estimate for the Nexcem portion of your build.

All Nexcem orders placed through us receive additional phone support and expert advice from Tim over the duration of your build project.




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